The collection

We believe women should feel ampowered and confident in their clothes. We are making each beautiful piece on a made to order base as we believe we do not need to stock and go in sale and change our designs every season. Just made for you on your name, and when you recieve your item after 4 weeks the TOTAL JOY is real. We wish to not change designs fast and the clothes can be worn every season. It just depends on how you style the pieces, whether it’s for a summer day or a winter evening. We want to take you back to the seventies and give you all the comfort you wish, and the longest legs! We create clothing that makes you feel feminin, soft, elegant, sexy and timeless. Using fabrics that do not sweat, nor wrinkle too much. All stretchy and flowy. And we adore cotton vintage lace, golden zippers and velvet.

Your unique garment has been designed and handmade in Amsterdam. The tailors are working in a stressfree environment. They possess the best craftsmanship and come from countries like Syria, Iraq and Russia and work in a cooperative in Amsterdam called Made Here. And the woman who makes our knitted collection lives near Amsterdam. So we proudly produce our collection locally and we make the garments only on request so we do not create overcapacity and mass.

The fittings of our garments are common as global standard sizing.