Our makers

We are very proud of our long term collaboration with our production partner, Atelier Made Here. They are based in and produce their products locally in Amsterdam just like we do. They are a cooperative of high quality, expert tailors from Syria where the clothing industry is highly developed. Therefore we can totally rely on their expertise.

All of our garments are made to order, never mass produced. The tailors only make what is ordered from us. Just one garment at a time. This requires a daily coöperation and coordination of workload and employment.

Our shared priority is to provide a living income for the people we work with. In the pre-stage of designing new garments our prototypes and patterns are elaborated and graded by two other local tailors who are also situated in Amsterdam. Therefore we do not travel to make our Lovely Lane world go around. Clients can be assured of our careful attention to their purchases from design through production.  We are not satisfied until you are.