Our brand

Lovely Lane was founded by Marije Braber. It is Lovely Lane’s mission is  to integrate and value the relationship between the customer, the designers, the tailors and sewers. It’s the strong system we believe in to first of all value the makers and then launch it into the market.

We offer you a small bridal collection for those who search for a dress to really connect with. You are buying a dress with a story. We aim to design dresses for brides to wear on their weddingday, celebrating love with their closest friends and family. But also wear it every day in the future, to relive that one special day over and over and over again… You first visit our dreamy Boutique Boat in Amsterdam with your closest people. We will warm you up, help you through the fitting, sizing, feeling the dresses and finally choosing yours.

The dress of your choice will be adjusted in length and made for you by Atelier Made Here in Amsterdam. Enjoy this love celebration from start to end and let us help you for a small part of it.

From yarn to finished product we try to ensure that our tailors enjoy a comfortable living income. The great advantage of inventing, designing and producing in Amsterdam is to have direct contact with our tailors on a weekly basis. The fabrics we use are GOTS or OEKO-TEX certified or left-over fabric from the major industry.

Lovely Lane’s garments accentuate the beauty of the female body. Comfortable, elegant and suitable for any occasion. Each item is tailored and made to meet the desire and shape of each individual. Such care and craftsmanship takes time but enhances the joy on the day you receive our e-mail:

“Your item of clothing is on its way!”

We do not design seperate seasonal collections, we only add beautiful new pieces once in a while. Working, producing, selling, and shipping from Amsterdam allows us to have a small organizational footprint with low overhead. And we source pre-loved clothes to be recycled and loved all over again. Let us find you the pieces of your dreams – enjoy the pre-loved collection we drop every once in a while.

But be quick! There will only be one of each!

We know that you will value our elegant “forever” garments that can be passed on as keepsakes for future generations.